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How to live till 89

Aliceis 89-years-old and she works at her health. She is a widow and lives alone.

My husband and I just spent some time visiting my mother-in-law, Alice, and we were pleased to see that she is taking such good care of herself. We are among the lucky ones, as Alice has no cognitive problems. She still drives. I got in the car with her and did my “ride along assessment.” She’s still safe.

She keeps track of her many medications and takes them exactly as prescribed. She gets on the treadmill for 25 minutes every morning. She eats what’s good for her. Her weight is normal. She doesn’t smoke. She drinks very moderately. She does her pool exercises.

Alice understands that being healthy as an 89-year-old takes a lot of vigilance and work. What I respect is that she is willing to do the work. She’s been having some trouble with leg pain, which was diagnosed as a problem with the fibrous band along the side of the thigh (“IT band”). It probably started years ago when she had both knees replaced. As it affected her walking, she asked a doctor for some advice.

He suggested physical therapy, along with some stretches she can do at home. She got right to it. She got out of the car after the appointment and was doing the stretches as she waited while my husband and I stopped at a coffee place. As we walked back, cups in hand, we saw mom, standing by the car, one hand on it for balance, bending forward with legs crossed as directed, and working at her stretches already. Go, Alice!

Alice is determined to remain independent. She was married for 62 years and misses her husband terribly. But, she plays cards with friends, takes two classes each year at the local university extension, and reaches out to people. She makes an effort to address her lonely times. She learned to use a computer at age 86, with my patient husband teaching her.

Every day, a friend of hers sends out jokes by email and Alice reads them and laughs. She’s a pretty good joke teller, too. And if she needs information, she googles it, just like we do.

She loves her Kindle. She reads a lot and thinks it’s the greatest invention ever.

Life for Alice is not perfect, but it’s pretty good indeed. She’s planning a cruise for the family to join her for her 90th birthday celebration next year.

What can the rest of us learn from all this? We can see that there is wisdom in the prediction that “we can prevent about 80 percent of heart disease, about 90 percent of diabetes, and about 70 percent of stroke if we make the right food choices, get physical activity and don’t smoke.”

Those are the words of Walter Willett, chair of the nutrition department at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston and professor of medicine at the Harvard Medical School. Alice is proving him right.

Alice just got back from a checkup with the doctor. She reports that her blood work is normal and other health measures are all looking good. She’s going to do a course of physical therapy for the leg pain. She’ll fit it in between social events and her date with a new guy she met recently.

I hope any of us who live to be 89 can live our lives as Alice is doing!

types of salary

1. Onion Salary – You grab it, you open it, and you cry.

2. Storm Salary – You don’t know when it’s coming or going.

3. Menstrual Salary – It comes once a month and lasts only three days.

4. Magic Salary – You touch it and it disappears.

5. Amnesia Salary – You can’t remember what you spent it on.

6. Time Travelling Salary – You spend it paying various debts even before you collect it.

Alas she tweets from the dead!

Although she died on Valentine’s Day, Goldie still apparently tweets from the great beyond!

This came to the fore when ‘Goldie’ on March 1 tweeted links to a song just released by actress and singer, Tonto Dikeh.

One of the links leads to a page on, which has a video and review of Tonto’s latest song, Jeje.

‘Goldie’ also tweeted a link on the same website to ‘King’s Firstborn’, a movie starring Tonto and Chidi Mokeme.

Same day, ‘Goldie’ tweeted a link to a film titled Adam’s Desire, starring John Dumelo and Monalisa Chinda.

On March 5, ‘Goldie’ tweeted, “WATCH: Mr Ibu in London – Nigerian MovieTube.”

On February 28, exactly 14 days after she died of a sudden headache and hypertension, ‘Goldie’ invited her friends and fans to a candlelight procession in her honour.

“Candlelight procession tomorrow Friday 1st March 2013 at 6pm. Converge at Parkview Estate Gate in Ikoyi, Lagos… Show some LOVE,” the tweet said.

These prompted some people to wonder whether Goldie had somehow ‘resurrected’.

A commentator by the Twitter handle, @NigeriaNewsDesk, wrote, “Who Is Tampering With Goldie Harvey’s Twitter Handle?” while @naija_stuff tweeted, “jagudaDOTcom: Goldie Harvey’s account now tweeting links to movies & Tonto Dike’s music.” @NL_Official asked, “Can the dead tweet? Late Goldie Harvey’s account now tweeting links to movies & Tonto Dike’s song.”

Thereafter, attacks came in torrents, with tweets asking the ‘Goldie’ to stop advertising links in her name.

Here are some of them: @TemmyTia “Can you just respect the dead and stop promoting from her account?” @tobitubora, “@GoldieHarvey why can’t you pple respect the dead. n stop using ds account to promote selfish interest. Mind u,we shall all die one day;”

@topcomfy “Is it stupidity, attention craving or sheer insanity dt’s responsible for d tweets via @GoldieHarvey ‘s handle? Shut it down!”

@AbigailMwapule “@GoldieHarvey, could you please stop these your adverts! This is total lack of respect for the dead and also for the surviving loved ones

@herdedayor “@GoldieHarvey who ever this is, it is wrong to use this handle, change it or open another. This is totally wrong.”

@relatewithpius “@GoldieHarvey my Goldie,the golden hearted gal wouldn’t do this to another person;even if she has the chance like u. She must be turning now.” SOURCe NAIJ.COM