I have reasons to believe that a relationship (a real one) is like owning a car.
Here are some reasons why I think thus.
One reason is that you can decide to buy a car or have it dumped on you. You may wake up to the day where you go and buy yourself one or unfortunately someone special wills one to you or even more bizarre you inherit it.
How it relates to relationship is that, you may have been betrothed to someone against your will by reason of culture or religion or decide willingly to go into one or inherit one (wife) from your father (yes it still happens).
Another similarity is that you don’t really need a car to survive(you have two feet), but you need one to prolong your existence add value to your life and cannot do much on time without one. Same as a relationship. You can pretty much survive without one, but you may feel empty or as some say ‘feel like something is missing’.
One other reason is that they are both status measures. A car tells people the way you are financially buoyant, your style and pretty much the way you care about your stuffs(and maybe the people you are responsible for *source needed*). While a relationship shows how responsible you really are and pretty much what your car tells people too.
They don’t come cheap (financially, emotionally) and require the question of *do I still want/need this* as time goes on. However, a huge continuous financial investment will make both burdensome and most likely termination/sale.
A car and a relationship will change the way some people treat you. I think that is self explanatory!
Both a car and a relationship run on fuel. While a car runs on gas, a relationship runs on *Love* (the real one where things that your single self finds disgusting really doesn’t really matter that much all the time anymore. E.g doing each other’s underwear). Let me add here that not only fuel runs a car. There’s oils (trust), (am not saying change your oil and change your trust, instead make it keep going),maintenance(doing stuffs together) some certain parts like side and rear view mirrors(friends), washing/PDAs either by force because its dirty/for reassurance purpose; or just for it to look good to onlookers, (hahahaha) and so on (I can literary write a book on just this part) etc.
The list goes on and on but one thing is as you both ride along the smooth, bumpy, freezing, dusty, wet and slippery roads in life remember that you can only ride cars on gravity’s terms (any other circumstance it would be called something else (airplanes/against gravity) so remember the ground rules of humanity to keep you grounded, thus decide whether your relationship is a front wheel drive or a back wheel drive(importantly who is what wheel) or a 4WD (OMG that will be a lot of support wouldn’t it). Decide if it will run on PMS, hydrogen, or water or whatever or a hybrid (imagine a 4wd as a hybrid Jeez, that’s like KM and PW #royalty) so that you can know how to navigate to get to your destination (believing you are both headed the same way*real relationship*).
By the way, about the heading I feel that when  the term relationship was coined, there were no cars only ships and whomever coined the word was definitely thinking in this same direction.
Thanks for sharing in this craziness.

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