Why you should no longer fear God.

Many of us have the feeling that God Almighty is a scary entity sitting up high looking for the next person to sin so he can kill the him/her. If that is you, then you are WRONG.
The Almighty God is a very very very loving God and here is a reason you should always view him with kind eyes, very calm and confident posture with welcoming presence. I usually add a very white long hair and beard to that image.
However, no one has seen God  in his true form, hence we die (probably so we don’t start making drawings and worshipping them or worse, auctioning them for trillions of pounds then people try to steal it , get murdered for it etc. Look at what us humans have done to the assumed portrait of Jesus Christ. Ask yourself again why Jesus did not come during the age of photography eh? Imagine the endless catastrophe, there are even some claims that he had kids with Mary Magdalene, calling the bible a lair. Hmmm let us not divert into that.
Now , we shouldn’t fear God because of what we have heard about him from preachers etc.
God Almighty, the maker of EVERYTHING and the giver of knowledge, powerful imaginations and inventions is not a scary God if you know him. He sent his son to die for us and gave him the dominion over death so that when our pitiful existence ends we can have the option of being immortals.  Yes we have heard that line over and over again. But have we ever wondered why God will send his only son instead of Angel Gab or Angel Mike (lol) (I have theory about God and his angels) ? What is man, but dust that God will allow his SON to be killed for? Will you allow your only child to loose an arm for someone else? Of course not!If you even have a dream that your child got hurt because of another child,you would begin to fast,pray,bind and loose, even make sure that your child never has anything to do with the other child ever again. But why would God allow his only Child to be poor,humiliated,murdered at a very good age full of potential and even go and ask for the keys from the devil. He could have just said “Lucifer hand over the keys and Jesus now has authority over death,henceforth “. But instead he let the whole drama of a virgin birth, Joseph’s doubt, John the baptist and Jesus belly ‘chest bumping’, Jesus preaching in the temple as a child, Jesus turning water into wine (alcohol);yes it was a wedding and people got drunk also, and him being crucified. All that drama because he wanted to make peace with mere man. And you still think of him as a very scary God.
He talked to man in the garden just as friends would visit friends, taught man how to cover himself (got to be grateful for that), still allowed man to grow crops, rear animals, and even have kids. He still forgave Cain who killed his brother Abel because of jealousy (Cain is still alive by the way, hence the story of vampires and immortals), saved Noah and his family from the flood (evolution theory about the ice age), allowed us to build a tower up to heaven (probably may have been finished by now), shamed the Pharisees and Sadducees for putting laws that separated man from going close to God, still sent the Holy Ghost after we murdered his son. Yet we still see him as scary, kill innocent people in his name,rob people of their freedom and money in his name, put senseless rules and regulations in his name. God is not the scary entity here, we, US HUMANS ARE THE SCARY ONES.
We have misinterpreted the bible to suit our own preferences, connived with our inner zombie to stop searching for the truth ourselves, and ultimately pictured the only entity that wants to truly make peace with us the scary one.

Let me add this here, if your relic  still tells you to cover your hair while in church, wear only skirts as a female, don’t use left hand for offering, don’t come to church while on your period, or if you just gave birth and still bleeding, lives a very wealth life and owns properties while members of his church are hungry or cannot pay school fees in the church’s school, doesn’t engage you in doing free community work, doesn’t pray for or respect your leaders, doesn’t pray for the sick and soldiers fighting for peace doesn’t encourage you to visit the sick and help strangers, you are a Zombie and more scary than God.
Please don’t think God is a loather and disrespect him because he is kind by doing so, you are inviting yourself to a dinner with the Devil himself, and I don’t think any spoon is long enough.
Thanks for reading.